Arrow fanfiction barry wheelchair

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Arrow fanfiction barry wheelchair

Hope you enjoyed the last chapter. As well as anyone can enjoy tragedy I guess… Here's some more…. He was sitting uncomfortably in his chair behind one of the desks as he became aware of familiar voices in the hallway of Star Labs.

The bubbly voice of one Felicity Smoak as she tried rephrasing something for someone, to make it sound less; Sucky? Oliver and Diggle also greeted him. He greeted them back.

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Apparently no one had told them about his little situation. She gasped half a second after she turned the corner of the desk. Her eyes had landed on the wheelchair. It was the 'honey' that did it. He broke down… He hadn't shed a tear in over a week. He had been too disturbed to take his new reality in over himself to get in touch with his feelings.

She placed a hand on his lower arm, rolled him out from under the table… Then she knelt down beside him and hugged him. He caved in on her.

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He burrowed his face in her shoulder and cried like he hadn't done in years. Barry was in no condition to answer her question, at least in no condition to give her an understandable answer…. He felt two giant palms landing on his shoulders. He didn't have to look up to know that both Oliver and Diggle was standing by his side, trying to comfort him.

Trying to give him support…. Minutes passed, and the sound of him crying died down.I promise I will update my other story soon too though. Au changes: This story takes place in the same universe up until the point that Zoom almost kills Barry; they sent Harry home and closed all the portals.

Caitlyn never joined team Flash but looked after while Barry was in his coma then left to another city. Barry is also still paralysed and in a wheelchair for now. Disclaimer: I do not own any Flash characters that will be used in the following story, just the plot. Boxes upon boxes, that's how I would have to describe my new apartment. There were so many boxes that they were infesting every room. It has really happened. I have finally given up on my old life and its troubles and responsibilities.

Sending Harry home to deal with Zoom himself was a terribly selfish decision but I couldn't beat him. Zoom would have killed everyone on team Flash. Iris, Joe, Cisco and me. Killing me would have been a blessing. He had to take the best thing that ever happened to me away.

arrow fanfiction barry wheelchair

Zoom left me paralysed and with no hope to ever walk again, never mind running at the speed of sound. Wheeling around my apartment was tricky to say the least; it was completely new and would take time to get use to. The wheelchair opened my mind to the future however.

I couldn't be Flash forever; I needed to leave my Scarlet Speedster days behind. Team Arrow could protect Star City; Oliver had experience and the drive to never give up on his city and with friends like Overwatch, Spartan, Speedy and Black Canary then Green Arrow would never need the Flash ever again. Felicity had tried many times to try and get the Flash back into action, urging me to try physical therapy and even the chip that let her walk again.

I provide any Forensic assistance needed from time to time but now I am just regular Barry Allen and I was never as strong as Felicity, I could never go through the emotions that she went through with that chip and physical therapy. To be honest it is the little things that I miss the speed for, getting dressed and brushing my teeth in a split second so I could be relatively on time for work, the wind on my face, the crackling of electricity running through my body.

Right now I wish I had my speed to get rid of all these boxes. I had moved into a small apartment near Oliver's Mayoral office and secret base of Team Arrow. It had all the things you would expect in an apartment, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms.

The first thing that I had set up was the coffee maker, I am gonna need a lot of caffeine if I wanna do this all tonight. Looking at my watch it was already 8pm. I didn't have anything to do tomorrow, I would eventually go to the Police to see if I can get a job with their Forensics Department but right now, I could tell I was gonna be in for a long night. The movers were nice enough to place the large furniture and larger appliances for me out of pity for the guy doomed to a wheelchair.

Oliver and company had offered to come and help me move in but I didn't want the sympathy or free hand outs that people feel the need to give to the disabled. Now I am regretting that decision Big time. A few boxes of random things lay in corners, a few books and movies, nothing big. Now all I wanted to do was sit back with his ninth cup of coffee and watch something stupid on TV in his new place.

Suddenly a ringing pierced the air as the show came to a close. Looking at caller ID, there is the sweet smile of Felicity smiling back at him, bringing a small smile to my own lips.

Need some Forensics done for Oliver? I knew Felicity hates when I'm late, her whole life runs on certainties and numbers, and now I am messing up her schedule. Wheeling out my apartment and making a b-line to the elevator like a demon out of hell, I wonder why I couldn't remember making this arrangement.I apologize for the errors. I also post my stories on my Wordpress blog usually before on here!

It's at fanfictionbykate insertdothere wordpress insertdothere com. Summary: Joe and Iris each watched in horror as the creature Zoom appeared at the precinct and at the newspaper office. Now they rush toward S. Labs to find out what happened to their best friend and adopted son. Arrow makes a sort-of appearance, too. The precinct was in an uproar. A freakishly fast metahuman — if he was even human at all — had just burst onto the balcony with a limp Flash in his grasp.

Joe's heart leaped into his throat at the way Barry was not struggling, or even moving at all. It was almost as if he physically couldn't. And the way the creature — Zoom — had effortlessly snatched every bullet from the air was unbelievable. Joe didn't even take a moment to tell the captain where he was going. He just burst out the door and into the street, making it to his car in record time. As he flung himself into the driver's seat, his phone buzzed in his pocket and he fished it out — hoping it was news from Caitlyn, Cisco or even Wells.

And … Dad, he didn't look good! Joe pulled out of the parking lot of the CCPD with a squeal of tires. Barry wasn't moving. I'm on my way to S. Labs right now. Joe hesitated. But he knew she would be beside herself if she wasn't able to get to Barry right away. Meet me outside. Iris … he's going to be OK. He's Barry, OK? Iris's sobs came through the phone loud and clear. Like there was something very wrong.

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He didn't fight back at all. And yet I know he wasn't unconscious. Dad … I … please hurry. Barry hung limply in Zoom's right hand. He could tell something was seriously wrong with his back. The pain was excruciating. Even if he wanted to move, he didn't think he could.

He had felt a crack when Zoom had smashed a superspeed fist into his lower back, and he'd felt his legs collapse under him. Not to mention the stabbing jolts in his chest when Zoom had injected him with the speed dampener he had been carrying — and the one that Harry had fired at him from across the parking lot.The latest episode of 'The Flash' hit a weak, and bruised spot for me.

My family have always been prone to accidents and mishaps, be it bruises, scrapes, dislocations or fractures… None of us has ever won at life On my dad's side of the family, there have been two three life-changing accidents, involving… Well… The spinal cord… Actually…. One; My aunt… She got paralyzed in an auto accident when her son was less than a year old. She lived in what I can only think of as a pure hell for about twenty years. I barely remember her. Second; My dad.

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My father's health was failing. But not because he didn't know how to take care of himself, it was because his body was against him. He fought hard every day to keep on being the tough man he was. A man many remember as a loyal friend, and a hard-working man. His work ethics was beyond what could be asked for.

A man I can only dream of being compared with, except for when it comes to looks. He had a hard case of Bechterew's disease. And Epilepsy… One day while riding his bike over to one of his neighbors, he had a seizure. He crashed his bike, and broke his neck. They kept him alive at the hospital for a few more days after that… But I guess he's better off now, he always called it one of his greatest fears to be stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of his life… I guess he won…?

Three; My oldest cousin. Son of the aunt I mentioned as number 1. He died in a motorcycle crash. Broke his back, but it was other internal injuries that killed him. Barry's heart dropped. He could see it, but he couldn't feel anything as Cisco's hand landed on his leg. It was like his legs were made out of rubber, like they didn't belong to him.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Barry Allen was an orphan until he was taken in by the West family. He was happy there and was able to deal with his borderline personality disorder. However, things got complicated when he began to have feelings for Iris, who was his foster little sister. When she was on the verge of turning eighteen, his secrets threatened to destroy their relationship.

Felicity Smoak who is married to Oliver Queen, the local captain of the Russian mafia decides to give him a surprise meeting. Only the reality, which she's been refusing to accept, hits Felicity Smoak hard that their marriage is nothing more than a business deal.

Your usual Russian mafia Olicty fic this is not one of them. However, his current fixation, he learns is not quite so impossible.

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Due to his meddling, he ends up as an ally to the city's vigilante. There's just one problem: they have a complicated history.

In which Barry Allen moves to Starling City after the undertaking to chase the Green Arrow in hopes that the vigilante could help him find his mother's true killer. Barry can't go to visit his family on christmas but some cookies gave him the way to spend the day with the boy he likes.

arrow fanfiction barry wheelchair

Barry decides to move to Starling City after the lightning strike after struggling with trying to get his adopted family to believe him about his dad. Plus the pain of seeing Iris with Eddie since people did move on. Barry Allen has been a problem for him for some time. When he unofficially starts asking questions in the shadier parts of town the young man surprises Oliver. He'd hoped his light intimidation tactics would be enough to dissuade Barry from asking too many questions, or questions to the wrong people.

If only that had stopped him from doing anything that could be considered risky in aid of solving The Arrow mystery The older he gets, the answers to all those abrupt questions that get thrown at him day to day seem so much simpler.

He knew he had to act and the knowledge that he had to act came above all other complications Oliver Queen carried with him. Desperate for money to pay for his adoptive father's cancer treatments, Barry jokingly asks Oliver Queen to be his sugar daddy. He didn't expect him to actually say yes.

I know you're dying to meet me But I can just tell you this Baby, as soon as you meet me You'll wish that you never did. After being adopted by the Lances, Barry isn't sure what he's supposed to do with his life.Barry turned the page of the newest issue of his favorite science magazine and sighed, realizing he was squeezing his thigh again.

It was a new habit he had developed since waking up and he didn't even really know why he did it, it's not like anything was changing. It had been three days and he was still paralyzed. He knew Caitlin felt guilty about it. She hadn't found the injury and she hadn't been able to fix it either but Barry knew it wasn't her fault.

The situation sucked but it wasn't anyone's fault but his own. Jay hadn't come back since warning him he would lose against Zoom, he had said it would result in him losing his powers or worse, his death; of course he was right and if he could, Barry would be kicking himself right now. The speedster was currently seated on the couch, in the cortex, his wheelchair beside him.

Cisco had added the little love-seat for him because while he was growing used to his new disability he still didn't like showing it off or talking much about it. Caitlin and Cisco were working on something on the computers and kept giving him admonishing looks whenever he squeezed his thigh; he was just about to tell them to leave him alone when voices erupted from the doorway and the Arrow team stepped through.

Long-time no see. The rest of the team said their hellos and all the noise brought out Joe and Iris from where they had been working too. Barry had, by now, figured out that while Caitlin and Cisco had requested their visit to help with a few new meta humans that popped up, they had not told them about Barry's predicament. What's so special about this one that you need help with it?

Barry wanted so badly not to have to tell them. He didn't want to see the pity appear in their eyes. Right now they still thought of him as the hero, one of the team, but he knew that as soon as he told them all they would see was poor broken Barry.

And he hated it. His new habit made him want to squeeze his lifeless thighs but Caitlin was watching him closely and had already told him off for the bruising he had created, so he simply squeezed his hands into fists and pressed them into his legs where he could stare down at them and avoid everyone's stares. Taking a deep breath he forced the words from his mouth, and they came out sounding as bitter as they had tasted.

I lost. And now that's mine. In the few silent seconds Iris' hand appeared on Barry's shoulder and his team moved just a little closer to him, in silent support. He knew how much the kids speed meant to him and now…. Felicity looked back and forth between the wheelchair and Barry, and then turned her gaze to where the Flash suit usually sat.

arrow fanfiction barry wheelchair

Cisco had stored it somewhere else after Barry stared at it from his wheelchair for over an hour a few days ago. Felicity of course understood but just didn't want to, her eyes shining wet with tears and Barry couldn't take it anymore. He didn't want to have to do this in front of them, he hated doing it in front of Iris and the others anyway but after this no one would see him as strong ever again.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Barry is in town shortly after Felicity and Ray's visit to Central City to help them out with a project for Palmer Tech. Oliver gets a little upset that all of Felicity's time is being taken up by her boyfriend and speedster friend. An alternative take on season 5 if Sara never joined the Legends and came back to Star City and the struggles she and Team Arrow face in dealing with her bloodlust, the aftermath of her death and resurrection and the emotional impact giving William up has on Oliver.

Part Four of a Five Part Series. When Oliver left his family to go with Novu, he did not expect to appear in front of the strangest camp he had ever seen. Nor did he expect all the revelations that came with it. The Greek Gods were real and so were Demi-Gods.

And in order to save the multiverse, Oliver would need to join forces with them, go on a journey unlike he had ever been on before. Kara has two soulmates; she knows this by the elegant script on the middle of her back that says "Green Arrow" and the almost childlike handwriting on her shoulder blade that reads "You're on fire! She doesn't know what's more absurd, the fact that one of her soulmates' first words to her will involve arrows, or that she will apparently catch fire in front of the other.

After the Island Oliver Queen, a deeply flawed individual, never returned to his family or the life he once knew. Instead he became an effective part of his country's human shield, hidden, operating in the shadows. Everything he touches is clandestine, including Felicity Smoak. He does transactional relationships. She'll make him want more.

So, I had this dream. And then I let my writer-brain take over. Multiple chapters planned, with more as creativity strikes. Happy to accept prompts! With The Originals in town and Bonnie Bennett stuck in the prison world, the Mystic Falls crew races to handle the new threat and bring their beloved witch home, but surprising complications create new enemies and new allies.

Since Barry became The Flash, all of his body systems had been sped up. He had to take in more calories, he could never get enough food, his heart rate was fast, his body temperature was high and worst of all, or maybe best, depending on the day and what was going on around him, was that his sex drive was now off the charts. Felicity smoke would do anything for Oliver Queen he is her best friend. They've known each other for five years.

But when Oliver needs her help their friendship is tested. In so many ways. And feelings but will push down resurface. Will Hawaii change their friendship for good or bad.


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